Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced earlier this week, and it was only a matter of hours before comparison shots of the PS4 version from the trailer popped up online alongside their last-gen equivalents.

The differences are actually surprisingly large considering what a good-looking game GTA 5 was even last generation. As well as greatly increasing highlights and shadows to give a greater depth of field, Rockstar has really ramped up detail on the game's environments, adding minuscule detail to the grass, trees and rocks on the outskirts of Los Santos...

The shots are all from the trailer and thus show mainly the outer environs of Los Santos, but nonetheless, they give us a fair idea of the kind of graphical bump we can expect when the game hits PS4, Xbox One and PC this autumn. These images are all of the PS4 version, but we'd hope the graphics setting options for the PC port of the game will show the game in the same degree of stunning detail.

What do you think of these next-gen comparison shots of GTA V? Do you think the title will look even better on PC? Will the improvements shown in the announcement trailer carry through to the game release? As always, let us know your thoughts on the matter!