Football fever is gripping the world, and for those who prefer their football with explosive tank shells (we know you’re out there), has released a World of Tanks: Football Edition so you can blast an 18-foot football into the top-corner.

World Football Championship plays, appropriately enough, like a game of football. Two teams of three battle it out to be the first to score three goals using a gigantic football, smashing it into the concrete nets. It’s not been confirmed yet whether the Panzerjager goes down clutching its track in agony at the slightest hint of a tackle…

Naysayers may wonder what has happened to their beloved beautiful game when they get their hands on this, but I think there’s a sort of balletic grace watching 8-ton lumps of metal shunting a giant leathery ball around.

If you want to get involved in the World of Tanks: Football Edition though you’re going to have to get on the case pretty sharpish because this only runs until Monday July 14th, once all this World Cup hubbub is over it’ll be yanked down. To get playing just log in to World of Tanks and select the game type, which comes with a new fictional tank designed for silky skills.

Have you given this bonus for World of Tanks a go yet? Let us know what you think of it below!