After what will be a full year of waiting, Grand Theft Auto V is finally coming to PC this Autumn. Last year we saw some of the raviest of rave reviews for Rockstar’s bank-heist epic all the while PC gamers were left out in the cold. Watching as PS3 and Xbox 360 owners tear up Los Santos with Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

The wait for PC owners will undoubtedly be worth it though as the announcement for GTA V coming to PC finally arrived during the E3 period. PC remains the most popular platform here at GD, and for good reason. Upgradeable, customizable, and with a diligent community of fans and modders behind the scenes, PC remains a fantastic platform on which to game. But with Sony boasting next-gen exclusive rights to Grand Theft Auto 5 content, why play on PC? We run down the reasons that GTA V will still be played best on your gaming PC...

Thanks, Last-Gen Consolers, It Was Good Of You To Bug Test GTA 5 For PC Gamers

It’s always great getting a brand new game. Often you have been waiting for months if not years to play it. The thrill as you open it up for the first time. The rush of excitement as you start the first mission. But then, what’s this? Bugs? Glitches?! OH MERCY! Thankfully, Rockstar has had a year to test, update, and iron out all the issues with Grand Theft Auto 5 and, in particular, GTA Online, which launched with a number of issues. Players were losing progress and money, while the servers heaved under the load of millions of street criminals. And lets face it, Rockstar got a fat load of cash from their GTA 5 Xbox 360 and PS3 sales last year, so they will have the interest to re-invest those funds in to getting the incredibly popular title up and on Next Gen and of course the all powerful PC.

GTA V Online Player Count Increase on PC Compared to Console

Where just 16 players were allowed in to any one server at any given time, we expect Grand Theft Auto Online on PC to have a greatly improved player count in comparison to console. GTA IV on PC doubled the console player count to 32. We expect GTA 5 Online on the PC to have 32 players as well. That means double the action, double the carnage, and double the fun on GTA Online for PC compared to the older console versions of GTA 5. The limitations of the player count were really felt in the console version of GTA V, and bumping up the player count seems like an absolute no-brainer for Rockstar. After all the PC can certainly take it.

Of course, there are always risks of new bugs with any port to a new platform, but here’s hoping all that dev time will pay dividends when it comes to a slick and flawless gameplay experience.

High Resolution Gaming And Higher Frame Rates in GTA V on PC Compared to Console

While Rockstar is promising higher resolutions on PC and next-gen, Xbox One at least has struggled over the last year to offer games at 1080p and 60FPS, usually opting either for 720p or 900p, or else a 30FPS rate cap. Unless Rockstar were to do the unthinkable and cap GTA 5’s PC frame rate (heaven forbid) this won’t be a worry to anyone with a powerful PC set up. Just whack the resolution up as high as your beastly rig can handle and away you go at an unlimited frame rate.

New Additions to PC Version of GTA V Including Increased Draw Distance

Alongside graphics boosts comes an array of all new things! For next-gen, not only has Rockstar promised increased draw distances, improved texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolution, but they’ve also added physical additions. New wildlife, upgraded weather and damage effects, and an "array of new details to discover”. All these have been teased by Rockstar upon GTA V’s announcement this week. This should make the hustling bustling world of Los Santos feel even more alive than ever on your PC, with the new GTA 5 trailer demonstrating a GTAV jam-packed with environmental detail improvements. Besides, going on a tank rampage in GTA V is always going to be better with more cars and trucks to smash to smithereens, right?

GTA V on PC Will Have Better Graphics and Video Game Options

We’ve seen from PS4 footage that the wait between last gen and next-gen will be worth it when it comes to shiny new graphics, updated details and visual fidelity. Of course, this applies to both next-gen and PC. Know what next-gen doesn’t have, however? Graphical options to allow you to tweak and customise your graphical settings to best suit you and your current PC hardware. It's always awesome to know that when you have a mid range gaming rig, if you upgrade a key component of your gaming PC then all your games will play and look even better, immediately extending the life of your entire gaming library.

Massive draw distances, more detailed textures, and vastly improved lighting will all combine to take advantage of the latest and greatest tech your swish new graphics card is capable of pumping out. All them snazzy DirectX 11 effects will be available at your fingertips, putting the PC version of GTA V above and beyond anything we’ve seen from the franchise yet on any platform.

GTA 5 Will Likely Become One of the Most Modded PC Games Ever. PC Mods Will Change Los Santos Extending Your GTA Gameplay

What else doesn’t next-gen console have the benefit of? Oh yeah … that’s right … modders. Just think for a minute about what modding did for Skyrim. It wasn’t a simple case of tweaking graphics and improving textures, adding hilarious non-sequiturs or replacing all the dragons with My Little Ponies (although all of those things were great). The modders actually created vast new environments. Heck, modders are currently adding Oblivion to Skyrim! There’s no doubt we could see some utterly incredible modding in GTA V, meaning any additional content given to consoles could be replicated through mods. GTA 4 wasn’t without its problems, but it undoubtedly ended up a modders paradise. From upgraded texture packs to realism mods, better explosions and of course hundreds of new vehicles, GTA IV had it all. Expect the PC modding community to leap on GTA V with similar gusto. This means GTA 5 on PC will be a game you never need stop playing as every time you return there will likely be an abundance of GTA 5 Mods waiting to be installed.

GTA 5 on PC Can Use Multiple Screens and Flexible Peripherals

Flexibility is a common part of PC gaming and subsequently we can not only choose our games, but how we play them. Prefer keyboard and mouse? No problem. A game is better on a gamepad? Well, that’s cool for you too. Steering wheel as you cruise down sunny boulevards? Well, yes, don’t mind if we do. Driving and shooting on the console versions was an absolute pain in the arse; the addition of mouse and keyboard controls will mean you will have more control than ever, driving, aiming and shooting independently. Street life is bliss on PC.

When it comes to peripherals the number of options are crazy, and when you’ve decided, those with powerful PC rigs can also opt to run Grand Theft Auto 5 on multiple screens. Multi-screen gaming on PC, especially with those mind blowing enhanced PC capable graphics, could really be something, giving a whole new level of experience to the GTA 5 world.

Ok, so thats just a big dirt pit, but you get what I am talking about.

Grand Theft Auto V Video Editor Confirmed For PC Version

Sony talked a lot at E3 about exclusive PS4 content for GTA V bu interestingly, it was a PC feature that was mentioned in Rockstar’s press release that caught our attention. According to the company, the PC version will have a video editor designed for “advanced movie making” within GTA 5. Sounds intriguing, and with this PC feature already confirmed, there’s every chance we could see some more PC exclusive content coming to GTA 5 when it hits in the fall.

Obviously it will be cool fun to record some of your own GTA V highlights with its built in video editor, but the real cool stuff will come when the modding community start to integrate complete game movies into their ingenious scenario mods. Well choreographed in-game movies will help to make these free community mods stand out and feel just like professional, paid for DLC. Not to mention the hilarious GTA V short movies the PC community are likely to release. We can't wait, we are going to see some really good stuff.

If there is anything missing that you feel is a significant PC GTA 5 boon then please drop GD a message and we will add it in. What are you most excited about for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC?