Asus Unlocks Overclocking On H87, H97, H91 And B85 Motherboard Series

Written by Katie Allen on Thu, Jun 19, 2014 4:28 PM

Overclocking Intel CPUs has, until now, been limited to Z-series motherboards, but it seems this might be about to change, at least if you have a K series Haswell or Haswell Refesh processor, or one of the new Pentium Anniversary Edition CPUs.

Asus has announced that it is releasing new UEFI BIOSes for its B85, H81, H87 and H97 motherboards that support overclocking of the aforementioned CPUs, although it doesn’t guarantee you will be able to overclock any other CPUs in combination with these motherboards...

It wasn’t initially clear what Intel’s role in this move was, but it turns out this is a move exclusively by Asus with no input from Intel. According to Asus, the company merely discovered a work around for H and B series motherboards that allowed overclocking to be possible on these platforms.

Whilst Intel might not be involved, however, its release of the Pentium Anniversary Edition processor - which comes with an unlocked multiplier - sheds an interesting light on the new Asus BIOS. The new Pentium Anniversary CPU is only around $80, rendering it somewhat pointless if you need a super-expensive Z-series mobo in order to overclock the thing. In releasing the new BIOS to make its cheaper motherboards capable of overclocking the Pentium Anniversary Edition, Asus may have helped make the inexpensive CPU a much more interesting prospect for people.

The new BIOS should be available imminently, so it shouldn’t be long before people can try it out for themselves.

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