A huge The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt leak occurred over the weekend when a CD Projekt RED employee's Google Drive account was hacked, spilling details on all sorts of plot points and even the game's ending. Don’t worry though, we’re not going to spoil all that for you, we don’t want to be reading it ourselves!

Of particular interest though is that part of the information leaked contained the world map, as well as a detailed look at the Ard Skellig island, giving us some idea of how massive The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s world will be…

This is reportedly The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt world map, with Ard Skellig part of cluster of islands toward the lower-left.

The island of Ard Skellig is one of several that make up the Skellige archipelago, a group of islands clustered off the coast of the world’s mainland. The island itself is massive at around 64km2, but represents just a fraction of The Witcher 3’s huge world.

Ard Skellig is one of several key areas spread throughout The Witcher 3, which CD Projekt RED claim is far larger than the land of Skyrim, and 35 times the landmass seen in The Witcher 2.

You can see the island for yourself below, while the image to the right demonstrates just how small an area this landmass takes up in the grand scheme of things.

We know for sure the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to be gigantic now, let’s just hope it’s also filled with quality content.

When it comes to game worlds is it the bigger the better for you? Or would you prefer a more focused smaller environment? All aboard for the Skellige Isles in the comments below!

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