If you live in the UK and were keen to get your hands on a copy of The Witcher 3’s collectors Edition, you’d better look sharp. According to a press release from publisher Namco Bandai today, high levels of demand mean the collector’s edition is already running low in the UK.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt might still have 8 months until you can actually get your hands on it, but that apparently hasn’t stopped hardcore Witcher fans, who have forked out a considerable fee to get their hands on the collector’s edition of the game.

We always expected a good response for such an amazing game" said Namco's PR Director Lee Kirton, "But the fact that the Collector’s Edition is in such high demand shows the accreditation that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt deserves. E3 was yet another great example of how CD Projekt RED hold nothing back when it comes to quality.” The collectors edition of the game is available across platform, and contains the following items:

  • The standard edition of the game, containing: the official soundtrack, a map of the in-game world, unique stickers, and the developer-created "Witcher Universe - The Compendium"
  • A 33x24x26 cm, 100% hand painted, Polystone figure of Geralt of Rivia battling a Griffin
  • An exclusive, collector grade Witcher medallion
  • A one of a kind SteelBook.
  • A two-hundred page artbook.
  • “Huge” outer and inner Collector’s Boxes.

Like a lot of collector’s editions of games, however, the additional collectible content won’t come cheap. The set, along with the aforementioned goodies, will be on sale for a hefty £139.99 in the UK and $149.99 in the USA. Fortunately for those of us not willing to fork out the big price tag, we'll still get the "standard edition" extras, including the officials soundtrack, world map, stickers and a copy of "Witcher Universe - The Compendium".

Have you bought the collector’s edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Is the big extra price tag worth it for the goodies, or will you just be sticking to the core game? Let us know what you think in the comments.