Valve’s at it again with more Counter Strike: Global Offensive content, publishing an official new community-created map pack dubbed Operation Breakout, plucked straight from the embrace of Counter-Strike’s ever-busy mapping and modding community..

Splash out your hard-earned $6 and a portion of the proceeds will go to the map creators, whose six new maps will now be circulating on the official matchmaking servers. Just like the previous Operations these maps make up some the latest and greatest of the custom mapping community…

Insertion looks to be a promising map, offering four unique spawn points for the CTs as they attack a terrorist-held cottage in the middle.

The six new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps comprise BlackGold, Castle, Insertion, Mist, Overgrown, and Rush. The maps are from some of the Counter-Strike modding community’s biggest names, including Psy, Yanzl and Invalid.

The 600MB update is available to CS:GO players now, while those who grab the all access pass for $6 will get the exclusive operation challenge coin as well as access to a number of Operation Breakout specific missions and rewards, including new weapon finishes and the all-new Butterfly Knife.

Thinking of dusting off your copy of CS:GO for another go? Is it worth spending $6 to play these unofficial maps on Valve’s official matchmaking servers? Let us know what you think below!