In terms of welcoming experiences League of Legends is right up there with the Hellmouth opening up and swallowing you whole, such is its stringent demands on new players.

If you don’t know your left arm from the left lane then you’re going to struggle against the seasoned pros that have made League of Legends their home. But, things may be about to change, as developer Riot Games is testing a new tutorial mode dubbed Intro Bots, designed to ease new players into the uncompromising MOBA experience…

Silly mistakes should be a thing of the past once Intro Bots arrives.

Since its launch back in 2009 League of Legends has built up a staggering player base, including more than 7.5 million playing at any given time. While a lot of these folk are lovely, many a player’s tether has snapped after putting up with a ‘noob’ dragging their team down. We’ve all been there before, desperately learning the controls in an online game as you plummet off a cliff, your team’s fortunes falling swiftly after.

The new Intro Bots mode is designed to help brand new players master LoL’s rather hefty learning curve, guiding them through the game’s basic system. Riot’s Kacee “Iniquitee” Granke said in a recent blog post that “Onboarding new players is more than just teaching them to play: it’s showing them what makes the game engaging so they want to keep playing.”

The tutorial of sorts is set to offer well-paced information with achievable and meaningful goals, designed to be learned through reported performance. Once you’ve blasted your through it you should in theory be ready to take your skills online. It’ll no doubt still be a messy experience but at least you won’t be trying to smite champions or falling off those pesky cliffs…

The Intro Bots tutorial mode is currently in the testing phase and is expected to be pushed live during an imminent future update.

Has the steep learning curve been putting you off trying League of Legends? Is the introduction of the Intro Bots mode tempting you back in? Let us know below!