Like some sort of devious Heisenberg-esque gaming architects, the CivilizationCraft modding team are busy fusing together two of the biggest examples of gaming crack - Civilization and Minecraft.

This ranks up there as one of most ambitious mods ever made, integrating Civilization’s expansive turn-based strategy gameplay into Mojang’s massive randomly generated block-based world…

CivilizationCraft features fully-realised townships.

Much like any other game of Civilization players must build an empire capable of conquering the cube, taking on or teaming up with nations as you engage in war, diplomacy, wonders and trading. It’s Civilization as you know and love it, just this time it’s in the Minecraft engine.

Like Civilization you expand your nation by building on tiles, boosting your income by gathering resources and of course mining. Trade goods and other resources prove a huge boon to your town and improve happiness, growth, population and science, while a full tech tree takes you from animal husbandry through to Notre Dame and diamond armor.

CivilizationCraft is open-source so it’s available to grab now and play with to your heart’s content, although of course a number of features are still in development that will be added in future updates. You can find out more details and check it out for yourself here

Going to give CivilizationCraft a go or could it be hazardous to your health? Let us know below!