The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 1.2.5 Includes Performance Gains And Veteran Rank Impro

Written by Neil Soutter on Tue, Jul 8, 2014 3:15 PM
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A new update has hit Zenimax Online Studios’ The Elder Scrolls Online, bringing the MMORPG up to version 1.2.5 and adding a host of fixes to gameplay, quests and the UI, as well as Veteran Rank changes to make the content easier to solo.

In addition a number of performance improvements are included that should help those who are struggling to run TESO, with Zenimax claiming it should boost FPS for lower-end systems…

The Elder Scrolls Online has seen a huge number of updates since its launch back in April, including the Craglorn update which added an entire new overworld zone and a number of group-focused quest lines and content.

A number of the updates have focused on improving the general gameplay experience which was oft criticised after launch, introducing a raft of post-game content to keep players busy between content updates.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.2.5 Patch Notes

Veteran Rank Changes

  • Veteran Rank Changes: Phase 1 of our Veteran gameplay changes begins with this patch, the first in a series of changes we'll be making to improve the post-50 experience overall. We've lowered the difficulty of the second and third alliance zones to bring them more in lines with zones from 1-50. You'll be able to continue soloing through them more easily than before, though they'll still be challenging. We have much more information about Veteran System changes on the way, so make sure to watch our site for updates.

Fixes and improvements

  • Alliance War (General):
  • Fixed an issue where you could not repair another wall or door if you were in the process of repairing another wall or door, and it went to full health.
  • Flaming Oil can no longer be used to damage other player characters through walls.
  • The new Alliance War Bounty quests have been reworked so quest progress/kill credit will now be shared amongst your group.
  • Implemented a fix that will marginally reduce the server lag while in Cyrodiil.
  • Audio (General):
  • Fixed an issue if melee and spell sounds would play simultaneously, the melee sounds would have a slight delay.
  • Combat & Gameplay
  • Templar: Restoring Light - Honor the Dead will now properly return magicka if your target is healed to over 50% health.
  • Guilds: Fighters Guild - Silver Bolts, fixed an issue where this ability would proc 100% of the time against werewolves specifically in werewolf form.
  • Crafting & Economy (General):
  • You will now receive inspiration while extracting Veteran Rank 11 and 12 glyphs.
  • Dungeons & Group Content
  • Dungeons: Vaults of Madness - Mind of Madness, Fixed an issue where Gasteau would not speak to you to advance the quest.
  • Veteran Dungeons: Veteran Darkshade Caverns - Fixed an issue with the Dwemer Gauntlet that would allow you to kill and loot monsters repeatedly without completing the gauntlet.
  • Miscellaneous (General)
  • Fixed an issue where some visual effects and abilities were reducing your game's performance.
  • Fixed an issue where some self-targeted ability effects were sticking around permanently.
  • Quests
  • Auridon: To Firsthold - You will no longer be blocked from turning in this quest if you complete and turn in the quests "Breaking the Barrier" and "Sever All Ties."
  • Auridon: Silent Village - Fixed an issue where the bears associated with this quest would not follow you after they were bound.
  • Auridon: Eye of the Ancients - You can now pick up the Maomer Captain's Welkynd Stone.
  • Coldharbour: The Soul-Meld Mage - Fixed an issue where you could not interact with the rubble to advance this quest.
  • Glenumbra: Rally Cry - Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Shaza.
  • Main Quest: Castle of the Worm - Cadwell and the Slaves will now respawn if they become stuck.
  • Main Quest: God of Schemes - Fixed an issue where your soul would not appear in the Colored Rooms. We also fixed an issue that was causing Molag Bal's health to stay at 0%.
  • Shadowfen: And Throw Away the Key: Jurni will now appear so you can complete the quest step "Take Medical Supplies to the Tower."
  • Stonefalls: Shattering Mirror - The Altar is no longer blocked by an invisible object.
  • Stonefalls: Protecting the Hall - You will no longer be blocked on the quest step "Defend the Hall" if you kill the monsters too quickly.
  • Stormhaven: Azura's Relics - Vaermina's Weaver will no longer despawn unexpectedly.



  • General: Fixed an issue where the XP bar would not update after completing a quest.
  • Note: if you were affected by this issue, you were still receiving all earned XP. This was strictly a visual UI issue.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not bind any functions to mouse buttons 4 and 5 on the Razer Naga and Logitech Wireless Mice.
  • Grouping: Group members who attempt to enter a different copy of the same dungeon as their groupmates would be kicked out of the dungeon with no messaging. There is now a UI message to explain why you were kicked out.

Are you still getting involved in Zenimax's huge online world? Or did the rocky launch give you pause for thought? Let us know below!

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senior admin badge
09:54 Jul-09-2014

I hope everyone who bought the game and is still paying to play it is really enjoying it.
I really do.
But I for one am really glad I passed this one.
It seems like it still has a lot of issues to work out.
Releasing a poorly finished game at a fixed price is one thing coughRomeII-BF4-WDcough, but releasing a poorly finished game at a monthly play price is something else entirely. If you demand such prices then your product needs to be top notch.
And apparently that's entirely not the case for this title, because 3 months and 45 extra bucks later they are still working on issues that seem very essential to me.

23:06 Jul-08-2014

has the monthly subscription been cancelled? if no then i wouldnt even give it a thought cause i just cant afford it. Malaysian here and that would be RM 30 with avg salary of RM2.5-3k. so that is quite expensive

01:08 Jul-09-2014

Just what I was thinking. "Monthly subscription dropped? No?" does not buy

21:18 Jul-08-2014

Heh, John you gotta stop giving yourself up. Now we know you play ESO. ^_^

admin approved badge
02:17 Jul-09-2014

john ?

16:35 Jul-09-2014

Hergbargh >:O Everything I know is a lie.

15:48 Jul-08-2014

It seems like veteran content nerf upset lot of players.

15:38 Jul-08-2014

Still not worth the money.

18:44 Jul-08-2014

Precisely. A friend and I foolishly spent full price, plus sub fee, to play this together. 80% of the time, we were unable to even play together, on top of many bugs and mediocre game play. Though the issues may be fixed now, It just left a sour taste. I look back and wish I would have known better.


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