Epic has taken the wraps of its upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter Fortnite, providing an in-depth look at the co-operative third-person tower defence game.

It’s the graphics guru’s first game to be built on its Unreal Engine 4, eschewing the gritty realism of Gears of War in favour of a playful looking cartoony affair with a truly impressive level of customisation and destruction…

Fortnite looks to allow some truly impressive construction with its build tools.

Taking cues from Call of Duty’s zombie modes, players can construct defenses and fortresses on-the-fly, allowing players to customise their owns windows and doors, bending the level to their will.

Gameplay consists of a co-operative horde mode type of games, where legions of monsters attempt to outwit your traps and attack the fort you’ve kitted out with your teammates. It’s all looking pretty awesome, while the visual style definitely brings to mind Team Fortress 2’s iconic graphics.

Fortnite is currently only scheduled to arrive on PC, although Epic are refusing to be drawn on whether it may eventually end up on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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