In-Win Launches Its Distinctive Enthusiast S-Frame Chassis

Written by Katie Allen on Wed, Jul 9, 2014 10:46 AM

Some PC cases are meant to provide a raft of options. Some are meant to be compact and practical. And some are clearly meant to turn heads. In-Win’s S-Frame PC chassis definitely falls into the latter category, and the company has just announced it is now launching its unusual case following its initial reveal at Computex 2014.

The tower is made from a single piece of black anodized aluminium bend and maniopulated in 15 places to provide its unusual design. The cut edges are coloured red, whilst black tinted glass means the rigs internals remain on show...

In terms of hardware support, the case is relatively limited for something in its price class. Inside, you can fit ATX-size motherboards, up to 4 graphics cards, four 3.5 inch hard drives, a standard ATX PSU up to 220 mm and a water cooling radiator up to 360mm. Thanks to the case’s open design, the air cooling will work mainly through convection, although individual components will still have their own dedicated cooling.

The pricing on this unusual piece of PC art hasn’t yet been revealed, but we can expect a limited edition case like this to ship for at least $800 if not significantly more. It’s certainly not the most practical case in the world, and for the same cost you can undoubtedly get a case with far more exhaustive options, but this In-Win design is certainly a head turner for the more aesthetically minded. 


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