Microsoft is at last making inroads back into the world of PC gaming after its flight of fancy with Xbox, announcing that it’s brought Train Simulator 2014 developer Dovetail Games on board for the next iteration of its long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

It’s been almost a decade since the last outing for Microsoft’s hardcore simulator, and Dovetail Games is finally following up the runway success of 2006’s Microsoft Flight Simulator X with a brand new sequel, as well as bringing Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to the Steam platform later this year…

Aside from the ill-fated Microsoft Flight spin-off, it's been more than eight years since Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

First things first, a tip of the hat to you if you’ve ever managed to take off and land a plane successfully in a Microsoft Flight Simulator Game, it ranks up there with some of the greatest gaming feats in my book. While to a few the trials and tribulations of sim games may seem a bit boeing, to others the satisfaction of pulling off an inch-perfect landing is difficult to resist.

Developer Dovetail Games has been given the rights to make use of Microsoft’s flight sim tech to produce the next title in the series, which is due out next year. It’s currently untitled and still at the conceptual stage but Paul Jackson, CEO of Dovetail, said “We are thrilled to be exploring new flight simulation opportunities using Microsoft’s technology, and look forward to using our extensive expertise of Steam publishing to successfully bring Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to a broad new audience on the Steam platform. This partnership is perfectly timed to support our expansion into new areas of simulation.

Dovetail Games has previously curried favour with its in-depth Train Simulator series, while the British outfit is also getting its feet wet with Dovetail Games Fishing - on Unreal Engine 4 and hopefully out later this year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition is due out later this year, while the next iteration in the Flight Simulator series should hopefully be arriving in 2015. Be sure to check-in on Game Debate for the latest info as and when it appears.

Do you think Microsoft is at last showing signs of life in PC gaming or do you see this as an opportunity to farm out work to a third-party? Have you been craving some more flight sim action? Land in the comments below and let us know!