These days, game developers have a myriad of ways to try and combat piracy. Whether it’s making your game always online or other - often unpopular - DRM restrictions on titles, it’s something we’ve got used to as the net makes it easier for people to distribute illegal content.

Skullgirls development studio Lab Zero has found an altogether more effective way of combating pirates; publicly shaming them on social media channels…

When one Twitter user found a curious message kept popping up in his PC version of Skullgirls, he thought he had discovered a strange Easter egg, and took to Twitter to ask the devs what it might mean.

Asking the devs what the message "What is the square root of a fish?" meant, however, proved to be his undoing. What it meant was not some secret code or Easter egg, rather, it indicated that the version of the game he was playing was pirated.

Rather than simply running away from his computer to hide shamefaced from the wrath of the internet, however, Hibiki tried unconvincingly to defend himself by … saying he couldn’t be bothered to leave his house. Solid defence, sir, well done. He then tried - rather brazenly - to ask the devs about future development on Skullgirls, before being drowned out by other Twitter users praising Lab Zero for their handling of the issue and shaming Hibiki a little more.

In case anyone was wondering the outcome to this sorry tale, the offending Tweeter took to the Twittersphere today to announce that a Skullgirls fan had kindly gifted him a legit copy of the title on Steam. We're not quite sure that the message "get outed for piracy = people send you free Steam games" is an altogether positive one, but there we go.

We’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that Twitter user got his response from the Skullgirls team. What do you think to Skullgirls’ altogether more funny approach to combating piracy? As always, please refrain from promoting piracy in the discussion area.