Tekken 7
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Tekken’s back, as Bandai Namco announced Tekken 7 with a teaser trailer at the Evolution Championship Series fighting game tournament last night.

It seems that Tekken 7 will move onto the graphically impressive Unreal Engine 4, which game director Katsuhiro Harada said was picked because it meant developers could focus more on gameplay instead of creating their own game engine…

"With Unreal Engine 4, we could rapidly achieve visual quality expected on next-gen platform and go beyond it," he said. "Not only is Unreal Engine 4 powerful and easy to use, but it allows us to immediately bring Tekken 7 to any platform we desire."

Although platforms are not yet announced, we would expect the game to release on both PS4 and Xbox One. That statement about immediately bringing Tekken 7 to “any platform we desire” is interesting though, as it could also suggest a wider multiplatform release. Could we, perhaps, see Tekken 7 releasing on PC as well? It’s a long shot, but not an impossibility.

The plot featured the dysfunctional Mishimas, who are fighting amongst themselves once again. In the trailer, we see Heihachi’s lover and Kazuya’s mother Kazumi, who underlined the need to stop Heihachi as Kazuya accuses him of murder. Sounds like a whole new level of messy. The trailer ends on the line “The Final Battle”, although we’ll take that with a pinch of salt. When a franchise has seven main entries and numerous spin offs, it takes a brave marketing decision to cull it, and we would bet decent money that Tekken 7 won’t be the last we see of the Mishimas.

There’s a Comic-con panel on Tekken at Comic-Con on July 25th, so it’s likely we’ll get a bit more information on the game then. What do you think of the Tekken 7 teaser trailer? Are you excited to see Tekken on Unreal Engine 4? Which platforms do you think the game will launch on? As always, let us know what you think!