We've looked back at the biggest stories this week to give you an overview of the biggest news from the last seven days in case you missed any of our big-hitting news and articles.

July is one of the quietest months of the year when it comes to the gaming releases calendar, but we've had a lot of news about PC hardware headed our way over the last few days, as well as a wealth of new information about release dates and requirements for upcoming titles...

  1. GTA 5 PC Release Date Rumoured

  2. PC Gaming Hardware Market Worth Twice Console Market

  3. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments System Requirements

  4. Intel Beat PC Market Estimates And Confirm Broadwell Is Shipping This Year

  5. Stronghold Crusader 2 System Requirements

It’s been a week of great news for the PC market. Not only did it come to light last weekend that the PC hardware market is now worth twice that of the console market, but we also heard a better than expected performance from Intel, with them confirming that Broadwell processors will ship before the end of this year.

And whilst it’s been a quiet one for gaming releases this week, we’re beginning to see a fair few system requirements listings for some of the early autumn game calendar. With Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments system requirements and Stronghold Crusader 2 system requirements now released, we’d expect to see some AAA sys reqs filtering through in the next few weeks for the likes of Alien: Isolation and Dragon Age.

The really big news of the week was the rumoured PC release date for Grand Theft Auto 5, which leaked on a retail site as being slated for launch on 14th November. Right now, the veracity of this rumour is yet to be confirmed, but since we’d expect the game to hit shelves before Black Friday at the end of that month, it’s certainly a plausible suggestion.

What have you been most hyped about this week? Are you happy with Stronghold Crusader 2's low system specs, or excited by the ever growing gaming PC market? Let us know.