Reputable online British video game store GameSeek has put the next-gen remake of Grand Theft Auto V up for pre-order, with a release date of 7th November 2014.

Rockstar Games has yet to announce an official release date for GTA V’s graphical facelift, which is hitting PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. GameSeek’s release date is a week earlier than the previously rumoured but it does tally up with the UK’s normal release schedule, so there could be a bit of truth in this one.

By the time it arrives PC gamers will have been forced wait more than 14 months to score the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, which this time takes place in fictional county of San Andreas - based on Southern California.

If the release date is right then the week of November 7th is going to be massive week for gaming, as both GTA 5 remastered and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare arrive in the same week. 

Will you be picking up GTA V on launch day? Or have you moved on to pastures new in the eternal wait for it arrive on PC? Let us know!