Josh Sawyer - director of Fallout: New Vegas - has said he would love the chance to return to the series, and that he sees the potential for an online, MMO title based on the Fallout universe.

Speaking with press, he said there were some “interesting” things that could happen with Fallout as an MMO, stating that an online version of Fallout had “potential”...

Referencing a fan-made MMO created from Fallout 2 resources, Sawyer quoted that project as demonstrative of the potential of Fallout Online. “It was pretty cool but insane.” he said “It’s like if you take all of the most brutal aspects of Ultima Online and multiply them by five, you have that game.”A Fallout Online game known as Project v13 was under development by Masthead Studios and Interplay, but has subsequently been stripped of all Fallout references following an extremely lengthy legal battle between Bethesda and Interplay.

Of course, Obsidian are currently working on Pillars of Eternity, so it’s pretty unlikely we’ll see them working on anything Fallout related for a good while.

There’s been effective radio silence from publishers Bethesda on the Fallout series for quite some time since the last credible Fallout 4 rumours in 2013. Although we don’t know anything for sure, there are rumours that a new Fallout game could be coming that is set in Boston.

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