Galactic Civilizations Dev Stardock Claims The Future Of Online Is In The Cloud

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Aug 7, 2014 5:15 PM
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Galactic Civilizations 3 developer Stardock has taken onboard the man who built Blizzard’s in order oversee Project Tachyon, a new cloud-based online service designed to support its stable of games and provide massive server support.

Adrian Luff is the man in question, and he spent 17 years behind the scenes at Blizzard developing its rather popular service. Now, he’s back, joining forces with Stardock to create the Tachyon online service designed to integrate with Steam.

"With Tachyon, we don't want to create yet another social network that gamers have to sign into," said Luff. "On each platform Tachyon resides on, it'll use that platform's inherent features. For example, on the PC, that means Steamworks. Tachyon is about giving players new ways to enjoy Stardock games, such as integrated ladders, seamless matchmaking, or even data mining shared ship designs for game AI to make use of."

Project Tachyon will run entirely on the cloud, and Stardock claim it will manage the online infrastructure to provide meta-game experience for its roster of upcoming games, which potentially includes a reboot of the Star Control franchise it bought during Atari's bankruptcy.  The cloud-base approach will allow Stardock to try new things not previously possible, including the aforementioned seamless matchmaking and scalable server support.

Stardock is clearly investing a lot in the digital future, and these comments are amplified by the news earlier this week that 94% of its game sales are digital, claiming that the days physical retail sales are already dead. The cloud system that will presumably debut with the launch of Galactic Civilizations III means that Stardock won’t need to splash out on a potentially under-used server centre, instead taking advantage of a cloud-based setup that can be ramped up or down as necessary.

Stardock is currently hard at work on Galactic Civilizations III, the latest in the space-based turn-based-strategy series, which is expected out on PC in 2015, along with Project Tachyon. Do you see a future in cloud-based computing? 

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17:32 Aug-07-2014

Well of course it is, that's where water comes from duh! :P

17:24 Aug-07-2014

Yeah he is a Microsoft insider lol...


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