Sega is still reliving the embarrassment that was last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, and has now agreed to a $1.25 million settlement pay out after a class-action suit was filed against them for false advertisement. Gearbox Software was also named in the suit but it is continuing the fight the claims in court.

The settlement has yet to be officially approved but, should it pass, then Sega is clear from any future litigation in regards to Aliens: Colonial Marines. The class-action suit stems from Sega and Gearbox reportedly showing different versions of Aliens: Colonial Marines at press events and trade shows than gamers received with the final product, leading to claims of false advertising.

Metacritic scores show the reactions to Aliens: Colonial Marines were less than favourable from gamers and critics alike.

Many were surprised at just how different Aliens: Colonial Marines was from the footage they had seen already, and the disparity between the versions was enough grounds for the class-action suit. Reviews were embargoed until the day of Aliens: Colonial Marines' launch, so a lot of gamers were undoubtedly stung by Sega’s alleged deception. Arriving to terrible reviews across the board, it then surfaced that the majority of Gearbox’s title was actually outsourced to TimeGate Studios, who quietly closed down following Aliens: Colonial Marines' release.

The case was filed by Roger Perrine and John Locke back in April 2013 and, should the settlement be approved, around $750,000 will be available to claim back by gamers who bought Aliens: Colonial Marines before February 13th 2013.

Quite importantly, the settlement only releases claims against Sega - not Gearbox - so the litigation will continue as to that defendant with the prospect of further recovery,” read the documents, so Gearbox aren't in the clear just yet. Did you get stung by Aliens: Colonial Marines at launch? Do you think a $1.25 million pay out is fair to gamers? Let us know!