Gamescom 2014 - Kalypso Announce Grand Ages: Medieval For 2015

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Aug 13, 2014 1:30 PM
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Kalypso has announced a new Grand Ages title, Grand Ages: Medieval, the follow-up to 2009's Grand Ages: Rome. It's once again a city-building sim coming to PC, this time set in Europe circa 1050 AD, with more than 30 million square kilometres for would-be kings and queens to conquer.

Similar to Rome, Grand Ages: Medieval lets players build cities, raise huge armies, build diplomatic alliances, trade routes, and research new technologies in line with the period. Previous developer Haemimont Games has handed over development duty to Rise of Venice creators Gaming Mind Studios, with the medieval strategy title set to arrive in 2015.

Give me a second while I dust off my history textbooks. Grand Ages: Medieval is set in the year 1050 AD, which puts it roughly during the High Middle Ages, a time of massive upheaval throughout Europe as populations went through the roof and territory became more important than ever.

In the game’s campaign you’ll have access to the entire 30 million square kilometres, which stretches from Scandinavia down to North Africa and the Middle East. Becoming the dominant empire won’t be easy though, as you battle droughts, the Black Death, and even earthquakes in the fight for supremacy. Up to eight players can also get involved in the new multiplayer mode for Grand Ages: Medieval, squaring off in grand battles across the continent.

Kalypso Media send word that Grand Ages: Medieval is arriving in 2015 exclusively on PC. Any fans of the Grand Ages series on GD? Impressed by the scale of Grand Ages: Medieval’s map? Let us know!

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14:33 Aug-13-2014

Really looking forward to this game:D

14:20 Aug-13-2014

Always love the city building element by Kalypso. Grand Ages : Rome was the best and many people loves it


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