Rumours are circling that the next-gen remaster of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One may be delayed until 2015. The reports come via a YouTube video posted by HalcyonDeathSquad claiming that PR representatives and retailers in attendance at Gamescom 2014 were told that GTA V wouldn’t be seeing the light of day this year.

Since we first had a sneaky glimpse of the Grand Theft Auto V remaster at E3 2014 we have seen neither hide nor hair of Rockstar’s masterpiece, with it being a surprise no-show at Gamescom. Originally pencilled in for a Q3 2014 release, behind closed doors there are murmurings that it may not be ready, with Rockstar instead keen to ensure the final product really blows everyone away when it finally arrives.

The long-awaited Heist mode may also be a cause for delay, with PS3 and X360 owners still waiting on it nearly a year after launch.

As we’re rolling into September the evidence is mounting for Grand Theft Auto 5’s no-show, with all press yet to get a heads on with the game. If it’s out any time soon then it would make sense to get the hype machine rolling now in anticipation, but things have gone eerily quiet at Rockstar HQ.

GTA V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was first shown in some form back in October 2012, before arriving as a playable preview some four months before launch. If this timeline were to be adopted once more it would fail to arrive in 2014.

One thing’s for sure and that is this coming holiday period is set to be an exceptionally busy period for games, with dozens of big name titles hitting over the next three months. If Rockstar is keen on an HD remaster standing out from the crowd then a 2015 release certainly makes sense. Do you believe the rumours that GTA V may not be out until 2015? Would you rather Rockstar polish it up to be the ultimate version or are you fed up of waiting for a PC release? Let us know!