The troubled development of The Stomping Land has hit yet another snag, controversially being yanked off the Steam store. The prehistorical survival game from SuperCrit was originally a Kickstarter hit more than a year ago, gathering more than six times its original target and eventually cropping up on Steam Early Access back in May.

Since then development has gone cold, with the initial promise of weekly updates giving way to a deathly silence. With the development team seemingly chowed down by a roving Appalachiosaurus, fans quickly grew irate in the months that followed. The team then recently revealed that The Stomping Land would be moving to an entirely new engine in an effort to placate fans, but now The Stomping Land has been removed from sale from Steam Early Access.

The eternal wait for a decent dinosaur game continues.

The Stomping Land is still present and correct on Steam but there’s now no option to buy it for its previous price of $25. It’s currently unclear whether SuperCrit took the game off itself or if Valve took action following a petition from 3000 irate fans. There is a precedent, both earlier in the year with the unplayable Earth: Year 2066 and the catastrophic launch of The War Z.

SuperCrit lead dev Alex Fundora also got called out by the team's PR man Ostrich,  who left back in July, saying "I am stringing the community along. I don't want that. You don't want that. So I'm not going to continue doing that." Steam user reviews include "Disappointing. Devs ran away with the money. Kappa Had all the potential in the world.. but they ruined it =\" and "Plain and simple... a game where you can do everything within 2 hours and the dev's haven't even spoken to the community or put out a patch since day 1," suggesting a lot of unrest.

What do you think of this worrying trend of games disappearing from Steam or Early Access? Do you think once consumers hand over money for an Early Access version of a title they are entitled to a full product at the end? Let us know what you think!