Total War: Rome II
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The Creative Assembly has announced that hot on the heels of the arrival of Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition this month, it will also be revealing a brand new title in the Total War series at EGX on 25th September.

Members of the team will be taking to the stage to host a development session on the day, giving EGX attendees the opportunity for some behind the scenes insight into production on new title. The new Total War game will be shown in action, and The Creative Assembly promise we can expect a few surprises along the way.

Rumours still persist we'll be seeing Total Warhammer.

The Total War series has covered a lot of ground by now, ranging from the Napoleonic era to the Roman, along with Medieval, feudal Japan, and the Industrial Revolution. History’s never short of war though, so there’s still plenty for The Creative Assembly to draw from, including World War 1 and World War 2,which stand out as having the most to gain.

Rumours have also persisted over recent years that The Creative Assembly is working on a Total Warhammer game, which would certainly set a few pulses racing. This first cropped up way back in 2012 when The Creative Assembly announced plans to begin making games based in the fantasy Warhammer universe. The deal signed with Games Workshop was a multi-title deal, with the fruits of their labour originally expected to arrive this year. What setting are you hoping for from the new Total War game? Is there any period in history you feel is still untapped? Let us know!