Since news that Minecraft developer Mojang is in buyout talks with Microsoft came to light earlier this week, many have been critical of studio founder Markus “Notch” Persson’s decision to sell.

It subsequently came to light that Persson may have actually instigated the talks himself and, when you look at the numbers on the table, it’s not altogether surprising.

With a reported $2 billion on the table for the purchase of the incredibly successful indie studio Notch - who reportedly owns a 70% stake in the company - could personally take home $1.4 billion from the deal. That has to be a mighty tempting offer, particularly bearing in mind the fact that Mojang employees have said before that Persson was under an intense amount of pressure to try and replicate the success of Minecraft.

Notch was working on a second game called 0x10c, but has apparently scrapped the project, recently releasing joke throwaway game Cliffhorse. It’s understood that Notch will leave Mojang if and when the Microsoft deal is finalised. If I were him, I’d probably buy a nice island somewhere and construct a voxel fortress for myself.

Other Mojang shareholders who could make a killing in the Microsoft deal include co-founder Jakob Porser and chief executive Carl Manneh, who also own large stakes in the studio. Numbers show that even with such a strong purchasing price, the Minecraft franchise is still worth a small fortune. Last year, Mojang made incredible profits of $115m from revenue of $290m. What do you think of the Mojang Microsoft deal? What would you do with $1.4 billion? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment.