More details of Rockstar’s next-gen and PC Grand Theft Auto V have been revealed following the release date announcement that confirmed it would be delayed until January 2015 on PC, along with a brand new in-game trailer called A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature a massive range of visual and technical upgrades to make Blaine County and the city of Los Santos look leaps and bounds better than anything we've seen from the series before. It's been a long wait to finally hear about when it's arriving but if this latest trailer and the eye-popping screenshots are anything to go by then it's undoubtedly been worth it. 

According to Rockstar the GTA V graphics improvements will be extensive and wide reaching, with the improvements covering the following:

  • Character models have been improved
  • Street detail is massively improved, particularly water rendering on wet roads, rain and the ocean.
  • More animals and wildlife; drawing on Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar apparently want to improve animal interactions in the GTA V remaster. Not only will there be more animals, but they will also have vastly improved textures, including properly rendered fur.
  • Foliage has been reworked and improved; we saw this in the initial trailer. You can now apparently see individual grass blades, greatly improved bark texture and remodelled underwater coral and plants.
  • Greatly improved draw distance, including dynamic lighting and traffic flow from long distances.
  • Promised “new” content, specifically mentioning music; new sounds, radio stations and soundtrack.

Of course, while much of this information mainly pertains to the Xbox One and PS4 version, we'd expect the same performance increases for the PC version too. Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto V was delayed on PC earlier today and will now be arriving on January 27th, 2015. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will launch on November 18th. You can check out all the improvements for yourself below in the brand new trailer and a batch of stunning new screenshots. 

Huge draw distances and hyperreal environments sounds very exciting, although it also sounds like - as we expected - GTA V could be hugely demanding on our rigs. What do you think of these apparent improvements? Will this game be a machine killer? Let us know what you think.