Legend Of Grimrock 2 Has Seen The Light In New Trailer

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Sep 18, 2014 2:00 PM
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Begin your beard-grooming and prepare for daylight for Almost Human Games has released a trailer for Legend of Grimlock II ,revealing that the dungeon-dwelling franchise has shed its claustrophobic interiors and traded it all in for the sunny Isle of Nex.

Shipwrecked and finding shelter of sorts on a mysterious island, Legend of Grimlock 2 pits the player against the environment and a host of deadly creatures in what Almost Human claims is a sprawling and varied adventure. Tasked with finding out the secrets behind this strange isle and getting off it for good, LoG2 looks to be an unforgiving return to the game that rejuvenated the dungeon crawler.

Despite the tropical locales looking ripe for a sunbathe, in Legends of Grimrock II you’ll once more be traversing grids in tactical turn-based gameplay, going to head with all manner of mythical creatures and towering bosses, plus no doubt the odd kobold thrown in for good measure.

Players will take on the role of four prisoners, who must explore the crumbled ruins and massive underground network of dungeons and mines on Nex to devise an escape plan. Not is all as it seems on Nex though, with a mysterious force at work behind the scenes, which has placed devious traps and puzzles throughout the island for the player to mastermind.

Legend of Grimrock 2 is out just a month’s time, so you’ll be able to grab Almost Human Games’ RPG for yourself when it arrives on October 15th exclusively on PC. Looking forward to some dungeon trudging? Glad that Legend of Grimrock 2 has finally seen the light? Let us know!

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20:42 Sep-18-2014

Damn i love old school i hope this is same kind of surprise Divinity original sin was.

17:17 Sep-18-2014

welcome back in the 90s -.-" nahh i pass

14:32 Sep-18-2014

So many games are releasing next month and im so poor. :(

14:25 Sep-18-2014

I have the first one, bought with other games in a bundle, but never played. Now I think I'm waisting time.


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