Did you get a look at the terrifying playable teaser for Silent Hills called P.T. that Sony released during its Gamescom 2014 conference? Were you a bit miffed that it was restricted to PlayStation 4 owners only? Well fret no more, because a budding young horror guru has gone and recreated the entirety of the P.T. demo... In Minecraft.

The power of Minecraft’s tools knows no bounds, and Youtuber Trislux was the man behind this creation, which does a pretty good impression of capturing P.T.’s horrifying atmosphere and the intense sense of repetition that led to it being one of the hands-down scariest horror experiences of the year, or ever for that matter.

Minecraft's visuals might not be a patch on P.T.'s but it does a good job at replicating the atmosphere.

Wandering down repeating corridors may not exactly sound like everybody’s idea of fun but it’s apparent Konami weren’t really intending on players enjoying their wander through its twisted landscape. It’s not available on PC just yet but Trislux’s recreation does a respectable impression, even if the wailing babies noises have been replaced by some rather less pant-soiling sheep baahing.

Unfortunately it appears like you won’t be able to grab this for yourself just yet, but for now wrap your eyes around this video which Trislux has put together, complete with the infamous neverending loop.

What do you make of his bizarre creation? How do you think it holds up to the pant-wetting scares of its inspiration? Let us know!