The PlayStation Network listing for Grand Theft Auto 5 has appeared, revealing that the current-gen remake of the fastest-selling entertainment property in the world will take up a massive 50GB on gamer’s hard drives. This makes it one of the biggest downloads yet on Sony's console, and also indicates the PC download size of GTA 5.

For comparison, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is 40GB on PlayStation 4 and 34.5GB when downloaded via Steam. Battlefield 4 meanwhile is a 33.9GB download on PSN, while it’s a shade lower at 30GB for the base game on PC. Based on the sizes of various game downloads we can estimate that GTA V on PC is going to be a pretty whopping 44GB file, so if you’ve got any bandwidth caps you may be best off searching round for a physical copy this time around.

The PSN listing also reveals that Rockstar’s open-world crime-em-up will come with PlayStation Move support on PlayStation 4. PS Move is Sony’s ill-fated attempt at motion control that looks like it may be making a return for GTA V, although Rockstar hasn’t said anything as to how Grand Theft Auto 5 uses the motion controls.

Grand Theft Auto V Remastered is arriving on November 18th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the PC version will be following up on 27th January 2015. Does the potentially massive download size of GTA 5 on PC make you think twice about grabbing a digital copy? Are you restricted by download caps that make getting GTA V digitally impossible? Let us know!