Ubisoft Montreal has announced via a short tweet that its multiplayer online shooter Rainbow Six Siege will run at 60fps across all systems. The latest installment in the Rainbow Six series will be released on PC and will be the first outing to land for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This announcement flies in the face of the controversy Ubisoft faced earlier this week when it claimed that 30 frames per second could deliver a better cinematic experience. Rainbow Six: Siege's first-person shooter roots demand that it will be best experienced at 60fps plus, and Ubisoft confirmed as much when its Montreal office tweeted out yesterday.

Weapons will be able to tear through walls in Rainbow Six Siege

The latest installment of the Rainbow Six series rose from the ashes that were left from the ill-fated Rainbow Six Patriots that was originally intended to be developed for last gen consoles. However, at the time with the current generation just around the corner Ubisoft changed tack and abandoned the project in order to focus fully on developing a game geared specifically to the new systems and their capabilities.

The new game will have many trademark features of the Rainbow Six series, still based heavily in team play. Significant changes include destructive environments and more multiplayer focused elements in the quickfire online siege mode.

The news follows a week of mixed messages from Ubisoft. Last week a senior developer at Ubisoft had implied in an interview that the industry as a whole was dropping the 60fps standard in favour of 30fps. Nicolas Guérin stated that the higher frame rate removed the cinematic experience and was less realistic in order to justify the companies decision to run the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Unity at 30fps. If that was the case it seems odd that the team behind Rainbow Six Siege would have pushed the game to run at 60fps in a series aims to bring a sense of realism to the fore.

There's no word yet on the other sticking point for the consoles and that's what resolution Rainbow Six Siege will run at, however with no confirmed release date yet that’s no surprise.

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