DungeonBowl System Requirements

Written by Felix Nova on Tue, May 22, 2012 11:04 AM
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Cyanide Studios have traditionally picked up licenses to convert many loved fantasy worlds & boardgames into video games. They were the guys behind the BloodBowl conversion in 2009.

A popular spin off from the BloodBowl boardgame was DungeonBowl. Cyanide are bringing this to PCs very soon as a stand alone, multiplayer only. Lets take a look at the DungeonBowl System Requirements...

The engine is the same as that used by the original BloodBowl so DungeonBowl hardware requirements are still minimal.

DungeonBowl Minimum System Requirements

OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7

CPUPentium 4 2.4Ghz / Athlon 2400+


GPU256 MB, DirectX 9 and Shaders Models 2 compatible

Unlike BloodBowl, your team can be made up of different races to face off against another team in....thats right, a dungeon. Using teleports to whiz around the dungeon arena you will have to find the spiked ball hidden inside 1 of 5 chests. The other chests are likely boobytrapped. The first team to score wins.

As DungeonBowl is riddled with complex variables, like teleporters and non-standard pitch shapes, Cyanide have opted to make this game human vs human only. Consequently, it can be picked up for just £10, although you may need to make sure a buddy also has a copy if you are going to play online with someone.

DungeonBowl is a turn based game and will be available in 3 languages, French, German and English.

DungeonBowl releases on 8th June 2012. Although if you pre-order Dungeon Bowl before the 01/06/2012 you will receive early access to the game!

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13:37 May-22-2012

Yeah, I didnt mention that did I? I will update. F

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14:07 May-22-2012

That's pretty cool, we don't get lots of turn-based games these days (excluding the hardcore strategy games) :(

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12:29 May-22-2012

What? This is turn-based? :D Awesome!


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