Lego Games Building Big Revenue For Warner Brothers, Raking In 2 Billion USD

Written by on Thu, Oct 16, 2014 4:45 PM
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It seems that Warner Brothers is doing pretty well off its Lego series of games. Lego Batman and his team of DC hero friends have played a big part in the impressive announcement today, which suggests Warner Brothers has shipped over a hundred million copies of Lego titles. That’s a huge figure that would bring in total revenue of around $2 billion for the company, primarily known for it’s television and film productions until the last few years.

The success of Lego titles has most recently has been attributed to the DC superhero games, the ever-enduring popularity of Batman in particular leading to sales boosts. The caped crusader is set to lead the fight once again in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham in November, alongside a host of other DC characters. However, the success can’t all be credited to the DC characters, other Lego games from Warner Brothers include the Harry Potter series, Lego: Lord of the Rings, and also Lego: Marvel Super Heroes to name a few all contributed to the massive figure.

For a company that still focuses most of its attention on other areas of the media world Warner Brothers has a very big year ahead in the gaming industry, publishing a host of big titles sure to set the charts on fire. Beginning with the recently released Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor,  Lego Batman 3, Dying LightBatman: Arkham Knight and Mad Max are all on the roster for 2015. Reports suggest that Warner Bros expects to produce a revenue of $1.5 billion from games in the next year.

Whilst most interest from the company is still vested in film and television, with the amount of money being generated by the game driven side of the company we can only expect it to continue to expand its activity in the industry. Which of the Warner Brothers published games do you have the highest expectations for? Let us know!

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03:59 Oct-17-2014

If it means they have the money to fund more excellent games like shadow of mordor than profit away!


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