It’s amazing and wonderful, the lengths people will go to in order to dig out release dates.

An examination of the projected profits for Rockstar and 2K have recently led industry analysts to suspect that a 2012 release date for Grand Theft Auto 5 is unlikely. In fact, their latest best guess seems to be March 2013…

That said, predicting release dates for big titles has never been an exact science (as Diablo III is only the most recent example; who expected a 12-year development cycle?). Other interesting titbits of information seem to suggest otherwise. For example, 2K moved the release date for Bioshock Infinite into Q1 of 2013, presumably so it didn’t absorb too much of GTA V’s predicted Christmas profits. Of course, development can take windy and unexpected twists, so it is possible that one (or both) of these big titles is proceeding slower than expected.

Also there has been rumour that an XBox Support staff posted a tweet to a customer very recently stating that GTA V will be out later this year (2012). That tweet was quickly removed and so now you only have our word that it ever happened. :)

Until further concrete information becomes available, we’re not going to alter the GD-listed release date (which remains the official release date), but diehard fans might just want to bear these latest rumours in mind.