Players with an insane thirst for challenge should be pleased with a new Dark Souls 2 mod that allows From Software's hardcore hack 'n' slash to be played from a first person perspective. The mod follows in the footsteps of a similar one that was created for the games predecessor earlier this year.

The mod itself works by freezing the camera value when a bow or binoculars are zoomed in, keeping the camera zoomed in once they are not in use. Due to this the effect it has on the perspectives can seem slightly jarring at times but it doesn’t detract from the game to the extent of making it unplayable.

The mod uses causes the zoom to freeze to create a first person perspective

Due to how the mod works, using anything that requires a zoom can cause the game to revert back to a 3rd person perspective, however following the same steps as before will get first person back. The same issue can arise if players trigger a load screen. To enable the mod players will have to use the cheat engine, so it’s advised by the modder not to go online whilst using it as it could result in getting banned from the game.

The RPG sequel was released in spring of 2014 and received widespread critical acclaim thanks to its engaging and highly complex storyline. It contains an impressively long storyline with gameplay which can easily clock upwards of 60 hours on the first playthrough. 

Are you tempted to try Dark Souls 2 from a first person perspective, or is it a game that just isn’t designed to be playable from anything but third person? Let us know!