Many hardened Minecraftians were understandably a little bit worried when Microsoft sensationally snapped up Mojang last month. Everyone’s thoughts immediately turned to the worst, expecting Microsoft to whip Minecraft away from the other systems and possibly even make it an Xbox One exclusive.

While such horrible thoughts still inevitably lingering in the backs of our minds, Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer at least put a few minds at ease when he announced in an interview that there are no intended plans to create a Minecraft 2. As it stands Minecraft has shifted well over 50 million units across a massive 14 different platforms in the 3 years since its proper launch, and the arrival of a Minecraft 2 would surely spell the end of Minecraft’s multiplatform jaunts.

With creations like this still being churned out for Minecraft it's not difficult to see why there's no sequel.

I don’t know if Minecraft 2, if that's the thing that makes the most sense," explained Spencer. “We need to meet the needs and the desires of the community before we get permission to go off and do something else.

Spencer went on to indicate that Minecraft 2 isn’t in Microsoft’s or Mojang’s interest just yet, particularly with a title that is all about unlimited possibilities as it is. “Job one is to go out and meet the needs of the Minecraft community first,” Spencer continued, “and then we can think about ways that we can actually help grow it. That’s our sole focus.

As it stands Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in existence right now, particularly among the game streaming community and fresh off the back of its arrival on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita. Improving on a game that is already endlessly replayable is a monumental task, so it's difficult to see where Microsoft is going to take this series next.

What do you think the future holds in store for Minecraft? What has Microsoft got in store to monetise Minecraft, surely there's some big plans to recoup that $2 billion investment? Let us know your thoughts below!