Rockstar has unveiled a wealth of content exclusive to returning Grand Theft Auto V players. Only gamers who splashed out for a copy of GTA 5 on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will be able to garner access to this exclusive content, which includes new missions, weapons, vehicles, races, and challenges.

In a move seemingly calculated to please absolutely no one, the additional content for Grand Theft Auto 5 will be tied into your Rockstar account, so if you’ve played the original versions at any point online then you will get this extra content no matter what platform you play it on. It means PC gamers can get it all, but they will need to play GTA V on console first.

GTA V's new railgun should help you make mincemeat of your enemies.

The exclusive GTA V content for returning players includes GTA III’s classic Dodo seaplane, the Imponte Duke O’Death menacing new ride, a rail gun, a hatcher, a new murder mystery mission, stock car races in a new location, a wildlife photography challenge, a monster truck and a high-speed blimp among others.

Rockstar claim a number of new events will happen across GTA V’s world in order to unlock some of these rewards and some additional bonuses. The Murder Mystery for example has Michael following a trail of cryptic clues to hunt down the perp responsible for a grisly murder which, upon completion, grants two new noir-style visual filters.

It’s obvious Rockstar’s thinking was to provide some extra content to invite double dippers to pick up the title again, but the mere fact that someone else isn’t getting the content shouldn’t really be a selling point for normal folk. Obviously Grand Theft Auto V is still a game rammed to the rafters with content, but it does seem a bit unnecessary to gate the extras off like this. None of the additions are game changers but if the likes of the rail gun and the Xero Blimp are a good laugh then it makes sense to make them available to everyone who's splashed out.

Grand Theft Auto V is out on November 18th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, before arriving on January 27th, 2015 on PC. Are you disappointed that Rockstar has taken the right decision to create content exclusive for returning players? Any GD’ers not have access to a console version of GTA V a little bit miffed they’re going to be missing out? Get it off your chest in the comments below!