Frozen Synapse was a bit of an underground hit when it arrived back in 2011. Its calming cerulean glow belied some of the most intense tactical firefights this side of my trip paintballing last weekend. It was all pretty mind boggling and equal parts wonderful and punishing, and now it’s back with Frozen Synapse Prime.

Originally developed as a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita version of Frozen Synapse, Frozen Synapse Prime takes the tactical core of Double Eleven’s TBS and gives it a fresh lick of paint. The overwhelmingly grey art style might not be to everyone’s tastes but it looks like the Frozen Synapse we know and love, complete with procedurally generated environments and fraught tactical gunfights.

New to Frozen Synapse Prime is the fully-3D presentation, complete with redesigned character models, kills cams, cinematic replays and destructible environments. Hardened tacticians will notice a bunch of new strategies, including Room Selection, Targeting, Sweep, Slide, and dynamic cones of vision.

In addition the Steam version of Frozen Synapse Prime will include the unique new Arena Mode, providing some unique scenarios for players to battle their way out of.

Frozen Synapse Prime is out on 14th November on PC. It’s out now on PlayStation Vita and will be arriving this week on PlayStation 3, and available as a free download for PlayStation Plus members. Frozen Synapse fans, is the fresh lick of paint enough for you to fork out again? Anybody tempted to jump in and try this series for the first time with Prime? Let us know!