GOG Has Little Big Adventure Giveaway To Celebrate New French Store

Written by Neil Soutter on Fri, Nov 7, 2014 3:00 PM
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Oft-overlooked adventure game classic Little Big Adventure is available totally free of charge on GOG.com. It’s all part of Gallic-themed weekend promo event dubbed ‘Vive La France!’, celebrating all things French on the GOG store.

The free copy of Little Big Adventure is the highlight here, which was Twinsen’s first adventure and is an isometric puzzle-adventure game that is all sorts of odd, featuring a strangely compelling and nonsensical adventure that has players free-roaming throughout the game’s islands in a non-linear fashion. It’s by no means the only deal though, with David Cage’s Fahrenheit available for a knockdown price as well as the likes of Syberia, Runaway, and Robin Hood.

The promotion is tied in to the launch of a French version of GOG.com, the first in a series of different language versions of the service set to be rolled out in the coming months, complete with French-speaking support reps.

Little Big Adventure is only available for the next day or so, so make sure you grab it pretty sharpish. It’s sequel Little Big Adventure 2 is also available for a knockdown price if that piques your interest. The pair of games are just about the most French things in existence, so they're perfect for a promotion like this. 

It’s certainly been a busy few weeks for GOG.com, which recently introduced the back catalogue of LucasArts titles, as well as beta-testing its GOG Galaxy client platform in anticipation of The Witcher 3 in a few months time.

Going to grab LBA? Anything else you're tempted to grab in the Vive La France GOG sale? Let us know!

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20:41 Nov-07-2014

Guys Metro 2033 is free at the HumbleBundle store for the next 21 hours ! Hurry up ! Grab it fast ! Good luck :)


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