The gaming world is abuzz today with the breaking news that CD Project Red, developers of the hugely successful Witcher games, is developing a new sci-fi game.

Based on the old-school tabletop roleplaying game Cyberpunk 2020, details are still scarce on this upcoming title, but more is promised soon…

Expect lots of the most familiar cyberpunk motifs – high-tech wetware; faceless, soul-crushing multinational zaibatsus and plenty of neon-coloured hair. In their recent press release, it’s unsurprising to note that CD Projekt Red are dropping the ‘2020’ moniker from the game (which was originally released in 1990).

What is also interesting is that if development is just beginning, a release date in 2013 is perhaps a fair guess – and the precursor Cyberpunk tabletop game that started the series was called Cyberpunk 2013.

Also in the news from CD Projekt Red is talk of a new “RPG in a Dark Fantasy World”. What do you think that could be? The Witcher 3 perhaps or even a spin off stand alone in the Witcher world or something completely different?
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