The first ever in-game screenshots of Just Cause 3 have emerged, showcasing a stunning sun-baked paradise. With copious rocket launchers. Avalanche Studios and Square Enix’s open-world sequel looks to ramp things up to the next level, and if you thought the series had reached its peak with those outrageous grapple hook mechanics, you’d best think again.

Series' star Rico Rodriguez is back once more, and it's up to him to take down an evil dictatorship ruling over the otherwise-idyllic Mediterranean island of Medici. As always there's only one solution to a cigar-puffing autocrat, and that's blowing him to kingdom come with a spectacular array of firepower.

The grapple hook is back, allowing Rico to attach to basically anything in the world, be it planes, trucks, and enemies, gaining an instead height advantage and building up a savage appetite for destruction. He'll be aided by a new wingsuit, so he can make like one of those flying squirrel things, and it's probably significantly easier than riding a crash landing plane firing off an RPG. Oh, wait. 

The impressive-looking third outing for Rico will stretch over a monstrous 400 square mile map split up into three key areas, and outposts must be destroyed in order to reclaim the territory for your own do-good means. Just Cause 3 is due to launch in 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

What do you make of these retina-searing new screenshots? Is bigger most definitely better when it comes to the Just Cause series? As always, wingsuit down to the comment sections and let us know!