In a press conference Valve, creators of Half-Life and Portal, announced that it's upcoming title, DOTA 2 will be a free-to-play title. Quite a surprise!

Also announced was the DOTA Store. The latter seems to be a Store which will contain items created by Valve and members of the community alike, and will be up for grabs for real coin...

They went on to say that these items can be used immediately after its purchase. It will carry over to your game after the public launch of DOTA 2. That means, early access to the game isn't required to purchase items before the launch. Iceforg, design lead on DOTA 2 went on to say:

"The opening of the Dota Store is a big part of our final push to launch. With support for the Steam Workshop, the majority of the items made available on day one were created and being sold by members of the community. By making the game Free to Play, we hope to give gamers the ability to decide how - and how much - they want to invest in the game."

So, are you excited with DOTA 2 going F2P? It is slated to release on the PC this Fall. However, Gamers can get into the game now by purchasing the DOTA 2 'Early Access Bundle' of items. Will this be another masterstroke from Valve? Only time will tell.