GTA 5 is due out tomorrow on PS4 and XBox One and along with this next gen GTA release, PS4 gamers will have to also grab the 1.14GB day one patch before they should get the game to boot. This is so GTA 5 can be "experienced properly" on the next gen consoles.

Although we are not sure at this point how big the XBONE patch will be PS4 patch size was confirmed once Grand Theft Auto 5 was available for pre-launch download this weekend.

Rockstar certainly encourage all users to grab the download patch before playing GTA V as the update includes various 'tweaks and optimisation' fixes.

If you didnt spot, GTA V is also going to be playable in first person mode for the first time ever and support 4K screen resolutions. So who is grabbing this almighty title on the next gen consoles and who is picking it up on PC?

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