Welcome to our new feature, Up For Debate. We will be introducing topics to the community where we start the "discussion" off and then you expert hardware gurus get in and throw your knowldge about on the subject. Providing links to relevant on topic things you have seen on the net to help others. On the flip side, fellow GD members who are not too  sure about details on a particular "Up For Debate" subject can ask questions and provoke interesting conversation. This way everyone learns and shares tonne. Cool huh. Send Felix or me suggestions for future "Up For Debates"

This first feature is on a certain screen resolution aspect ratio. In the huge scramble for 4K gaming that’s been going on in recent months, it’s easy to forget there’s an oft-overlooked cousin lurking behind the scenes. Yep, I’m talking about 21:9 gaming, the full glory of widescreen CinemaScope that takes up enough of your precious desktop space to make your eyes pop out.

In terms of demands on hardware 4K gaming is an absolute beast. That 3840 x 2160 screen resolution requires a massive four times the hardware power over your run-of-the-mill 1080p gaming. If you’re after a noticeable change in the appearance of your games without splashing out on an absolutely monstrous gaming PC, 3440 x 1440 resolution could well be the best bang for your buck.

In terms of screen size when picking up a 21:9 display, you’re actually going to get less real estate than its 16:9 equivalent. For example a 32” display at 16:9 actually has an 18% larger viewing area than a 32” 21:9 display, owing to the 21:9’s thin nature. This is all thrown out the window when you lay your eyes on one though, offering the same vertical height as your current display but with an additional chunk added onto the width making all the difference.

For gaming it gives you a far wider perspective, letting you see more of the world in front of you and offering a distinct advantage over gaming rivals encountered online. The change is dramatic and one which has to be experienced to be understood.  Crucially though, playing at 4K resolution demands 67% more pixels than 21:9 gaming at 1440p resolution, making 21:9 a far more achievable goal and giving you more screen space to play around with than standard screens.

Now we want to hand it over to the brains of the operation, the GD community. What screen ratio do you prefer to use for gaming? Is splashing out on an ultra widescreen 21:9 monitors a worthwhile option? And what hardware do you think would be best suited to gaming at this ratio and resolution? Its Up For Debate below...