German Shepherds otherwise known as Black Hounds will feature in the PC version of GTA V. A dog is known as man's best friend and GTA: V has a huge pack of dogs to choose from. The dog species known as German Shepherds will be entirely exclusive to the PC version and will not be available to either Xbox one or PS4.

GTA: V PC trailers have shown us there are a wide variety of dogs and other animals present but these were not spotted on the consoles. But all modern platforms will be able to enjoy the admirable West Highland Terrier to the guard dog Border Collie with amazing fur to withstand winter cold.

In addition there is also the posh Poddle, which was spotted on a bridge in the recent GTA: V trailer. Or if you are looking for something mean and squat faced, then there is also the Pug. This strong pooch was found by some brown pixels in the recent GTA: V trailer but it didn't escape our sharp eyes.

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