I couldnt choose which game to put up for grabs this Black Friday 28th November for our weekly free game giveaway, so this week you can choose.

The options are going to be between a few massive releases from the past few weeks. The choices are COD Advanced Warfare, Dragon Age Inquisition or one of Ubisofts big hitters, Far Cry 4 or Assassins Creed unity. Pop in and let me know which of those is the one you guys want as this weeks free game giveaway prize.

Hmm now which way do you think it will go? I have added a poll for you guys to vote on below, to help you judge which one is likely to be the weeks free game. Otherwise, lets look at what do we know. Over the past few weeks we have given each one of those games away to a different lucky winner. The giveaway article on GD that got the most views for those games was COD. Followed by AC unity.

ONLY ONE of these titles will be available this Black Friday Super Prize Giveaway Comp. Vote below by clicking on the Tweet this button that you most want to be nominated as the prize for the GD Black Friday free game. We will tally up the votes by Friday morning and announce which game you can win and get the competition going. Bang, a broadside of awesome!

Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareDragon Age: Inquisition
Far Cry 4Assassins Creed unity


Please note the poll below is just a guide, it does not necessarily represent the final Twitter vote result!

Poll closed: 09:00 Nov-28-2014