Ken Folletts Pillars Of The Earth Historical Epic To Be Turned Into Daedalic Adventure

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sun, Nov 30, 2014 10:00 AM
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Daedalic has announced that it was working on an adventure game adaptation of Ken Follett’s much-loved historical novel The Pillars of the Earth. The Blackguards and The Whispered World developer is adapting the novel, which was first published back in 1989. Set during the 12th century, The Pillars of the Earth is an epic tale of political intrigue and murderous revenge that was the last century’s answer to Game of Thrones.

The adventure adaptation is set to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS in 2017. Yep, that seems an extremely long way off, I’ll probably be getting spoon-fed porridge by then. The book got a sequel some 19 years later in 2007, and a third one’s due out around the same time as this game’s arriving. Handy that.

"I'm thrilled that The Pillars of the Earth – which is probably my most famous book – is going to be turned into a computer game by Daedalic, now part of the Lübbe organisation. I believe this will bring my work to the attention of a new generation of readers. I've been working with Bastei Lübbe, and with the Lübbe-family, for 35 years now. It has been a most congenial partnership, and a very successful one. So I'm very happy that our association is being continued in these exciting ways," said the author Ken Follett.

"We are very aware of and feeling the responsibility that comes along with this project: The Pillars of the Earth is one of world literature's most-read and best-selling books, and comes with a large and long-lasting base of millions of fans. To meet their high expectations of our game will be a tremendous challenge – but one we are very eager to face," added Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO of Daedalic Entertainment. "Together with Bastei Lübbe and Ken Follett we determined that the genre of adventure games is the best and most suitable way to adapt and express the substantial depth of such a historical novel."

Any Ken Follett fans lurking on GD? Think this hefty tome could prove a considerable challenge to convert into an adventure game? Let us know!

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