Minecraft’s existing menaces, minxes, dodgers and numbskulls will be able to express themselves that little bit more completely as of today, with the debut of The Beano and Frima Studios’ Dennis and Gnasher mod, only on PC.

As if users weren’t already regularly mischievous enough, this official mod also brings some of the red-and-black striped troublemaker’s trademark pranks, including catapults, rotten tomatoes, stink bombs and booby-trapped trumping cakes to the open-world craft-em-up.

Envisaged as part of broader development plans for The Beano that see Dennis and Gnasher expand in to the digital market announced earlier this year, the Minecraft mod makes perfect sense to Beano publisher DC Thomson's Mark Cotton, who has led the comic's digital expansion. "The Beano has always been about great storytelling, imagination and creativity. Minecraft is a perfect match for us, providing an amazing sandbox for kids to take our characters, tell their own stories, prank their friends and build out Beanotown."

Players making use of the Dennis mod can also summon his canine sidekick Gnasher through (what else?) the crafting of a sausage, and must be on guard for "softy" Walter and his stinky underpants.

Mr Cotton added that the brand would “love to expand the pranks and incorporate other Beano characters", dependent upon the mod's reception; “we were lucky to have a group of Beano fans helping us test this first adventure into Minecraft and we would love to get feedback on how we can continue bringing Beanotown to life!

Of course, Minecraft players will undoubtedly incorporate the mod into their responsible, community friendly enjoyment of the game. Oh, wait...