It's been creaking along for a good old while now but it's been a long time since Microsoft's Internet Explorer was a dominant force amongst web browsers. Internet Explorer does just what it says on the tin, but does it do it best? Did it ever do it best? 

Probably the biggest names in web browsers now are Mozilla Firefox, another stalwart that's offered an innovative alternative to IE for a long old while, and Google Chrome (Who knows the web better than Google?). They don’t stand alone though, older favourites like Opera are still knocking about doing what Firefox and Chrome just can’t do for some surfers; I even recently saw somebody rocking a dusty-looking build of Netscape.

And what about Safari? Boo - I know, yes. But the browser has undeniable merits for many users. A less cluttered user interface, 'reader view' feature, lower energy demands at competitive speeds and many tiny tweaks that make for a smoother browsing experience. For instance - I've noticed that Safari logs me onto each site I visit automatically if I give it permission to start with. And I don’t mean it remembers my login details for me, I mean I type the URL in the search bar and press return, and the page loaded has me already logged in without clicking anything else.

Extensions are another important comparison point, and while most browsers have a range available now, the amount available between competing softwares still varies quite a bit (Safari is definitely still lacking in this department).

Which browser is king? Since popular new features are almost always quickly adopted by rivals, are there any important differences? Over to you!

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