It’s no secret that GTA IV was a bit of a mess when it arrived on PC back in 2008, dropping frames on even the most powerful PCs at the time. It was one of the most CPU-limited titles around, negating multi-core setups and crippling performance.

The fear was that the GTA V remaster on PC could be the same situation, but a rumour has emerged that the very same team at Rockstar that worked on the PC version of Max Payne 3 is leading up the PC port of Grand Theft Auto V, raising hopes that we should see some solid optimisation.

The GTA V Remaster is leaps and bounds ahead of the original

Numerous sources are reporting that the developers have already got GTA 5 up and running at a solid 60fps on PC, although it’s unclear exactly what hardware they were equipped with. Max Payne 3 is widely regarded as one of the best cross-platform titles for PC in terms of performance and visual quality. Higher quality artwork was used, as well as better audio, and wide-ranging support for various antialiasing solutions.

If Rockstar can pull off the same performance gains with Grand Theft Auto V then we could have a very playable title indeed, but its open-world nature makes it difficult to accurately predict. Not long to find out though, because Grand Theft Auto 5 is arriving on PC in just a few weeks time, launching on 27th January, 2015, worldwide.

What are your expectations from Rockstar when it comes to GTA V optimisation and performance?