CD Projekt Red last week released the new Elder Blood trailer for The Witcher 3 and teased that one of the characters in the trailer would also be playable, but they had arms crossed and fingers on lips about who.

But luckily they can’t keep a secret, as it’s been revealed that the second playable character joining Geralt in The Witcher 3 will be Ciri, the trailer’s silver-haired elf, who the Wild Hunt are pursuing because of her ancient bloodline. easy on the racial profiling there, Wild Hunt.

The character, who Geralt has taken under his wing as a protégé monster hunter, promises to add some interesting new directions for Witcher gameplay - not only does she have some skill with a sword, but intriguing magical abilities such as teleportation. Now word yet on whether she responds to voice commands.

Ciri is no protagonist, though. While she will be playable, Geralt still steals the show and it isn’t yet clear exactly how her story will unravel within the game. CD Project Red says that Ciri has been introduced as a crucial part of the plot but that she's only playable during certain moments in the game to lend different perspectives to the story, but that "the game is still about [Geralt], his story, and how you, as the player, choose to face the choices and encounters in front of you". We’ll let you know as soon as we hear whether she has her own arcs, the odd chapter, or if you can switch to her at will like with Catwoman at the end of Batman: Arkham City.

Hey Ciri, when does The Witcher 3 come out?
(baboop…) The release date for The Witcher 3 is the 19th of May 2015. I’ll see you then. In the meantime, why not check your rig can handle me at Game-Debate’s The Witcher 3 page?
Thanks Ciri, we will.